About Us

Our mission at the Association of California Cities – Orange County (ACC-OC) is to provide Orange County’s 34 cities a powerful, regional voice on the public policy issues of today and tomorrow. We achieve this mission through:

  • Education that empowers
  • Policy that is collaborative
  • Advocacy that is service-oriented

This focus has allowed the ACC-OC to become the only regional organization that can effectively convene the region’s key stakeholders to tackle our biggest policy challenges. We engage cities, county governments, state and federal representatives, the business community, non-profits, higher education, healthcare organizations, special districts and others to build consensus around solutions. It’s this collaborative model that makes the ACC-OC a leader in issues like housing, water, homelessness, sober living facilities and infrastructure.

In addition to our mission statement, we are guided by several core values:

  • Education
  • Local Decision-Making
  • Partnerships
  • Customer Service
  • Innovation

Call us: (714) 953-1300